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Jack Stokes Estate Listing
Contact is Mike Peters 405-760-2995
1. ALS- 1300 Ameritron solidstate amp W/power supply1500-1800
2. Ldg-AT 1000 Proll Autotuner400
3. Icom 910 all mode 2m 70cm not 102gig350has overheating issues Maybe fan non functional
4. MFJ 30amp switching power supply60
5. Daiwa CN801H type50
6. Daiwa CN-72040
7. Drake W-4 watt meterBO
8. Daiwa CN103L75
9. Icom 718300-400Highly used, daily use
10. TorrestronicBOUnknown use
11. Kenwood TS 700ABOnot known if functional
12. Icom 718 Garage Radio400
13. Icom 271H allmode 2m200
14. Mirage B3016 150 watt amp120
15. Home brew differental random wire tuner20
16. Ameritron ARB-704 interface40
17. Yaesu 4700RH moble 2m FM75
18. Icom 3220H moble 2m FM75
19. Icom 28 H moble 2m fm75
20. Ameritron ALS-600 Amp and Power supplyYES
21. SS25 Ameritron power supply 6 amp20
22. RL Drake TRC4 and power supply MS4 and VFO RV4C Spare tubes300 or obo
23. Heathkit HL-2000 2K amp uses 2 3-500 tubes500-800Known issues is bad power switch and relay
24. Alpha 78 HF Amp1200
25. Icom 718 Ser#2205974450
26. Icom 718 Ser#6202424500NIB
27. MFJ4230 MV 30 amp75
28. 5 SM 20 mic’sBOFunction unknown
29. MFJ-259 antenna analyzer140
30. Heil HM-10 microphone35
31. Icom Handi talkie 4GXAT25Not know if working
32. Icom 228H 2M mobile in his 53 ford35
33. Heath Cantenna HN10
34. Mirage 3016 2m1002 for

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