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Club Info

Monthly BARC Meeting

Our monthly club meeting is conducted on the first Thursday of every month @ 7pm in the Fellowship Hall at the First Christian Church in downtown Bartlesville. The church address is: 520 S Osage Ave, Bartlesville, OK. Entrance to the Fellowship Hall is on the east side of the church. Meetings are open to the public you do not need to be a member to attend.

Wednesday Night Net

Held every Wednesday night @ 8pm on our main repeater 146.655MHz. You do not have to be a member of our club to participate in this net.

Saturday Breakfast

We meet every Saturday morning @ 8am at Midway Cafe 641 SE Washington Blvd, Bartlesville, OK. You do not have to be a member of our club to participate.

BARC Mailing Address

Bartlesville Amateur Radio Club, P.O Box 883, Bartlesville, OK 74005-0883

BARC Administration

: Vacant
Vice President: Don Poquette -- KE9XB
Secretary: Mark Cragun -- KD5FZL
Treasurer: Glen Stockton -- K5UP

Board of Directors

Josh Bell -- KG5VNF
Ron LaSpisa -- K5RJL


Historian: Glen Stockton -- K5UP
: David Balli -- KX5I

Club Repeaters

The BARC hosts two VHF repeaters and one UHF repeater for our area hams. We also have access to the TARC UHF link system W5IAS in Tulsa, to report weather conditions back to the National Weather Service office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

W5NS Main VHF Repeater: 146.655 :: -0.6MHz Offset :: PL 88.5
- On-Line: EchoLink Node W5NS-R 551343 , Prefix code *

W5NS Secondary VHF Repeater - Fusion Analog/Digital: 146.760 :: -0.6MHz Offset :: PL 88.5
- On-Line: WIRES-X

W5NS UHF Repeater: 444.775 :: +5MHz Offset
- MMDVM Supporting:
  - FM:: PL 88.5
  - DMR:: CC1, SL2, TG9
  - P25
  - Fusion

Club Call Sign: W5NS
Repeater Trustee: Don Poquette -- KE9XB

The BARC repeaters were upgraded in 2010, read the story.

Other Local Repeaters

W5IAS Link System: 444.425 :: +5MHz Offset :: PL 88.5
W5RAB 220 MHz: 224.260 :: -1.6MHz Offset :: PL 88.5
W5RAB 440 MHz - Digital/MOTOTRBO: 442.1875 :: +5MHz Offset :: Color Code 1
W5RAB 440 MHz - Digital/MOTOTRBO: 444.4750 :: +5MHz Offset :: Color Code 2
W5RAB 900 MHz: 927.650 :: -25MHz Offset :: DPL/DCS 074
N5XQK 144 MHz - Fusion Digital - Wires X: 145.270 :: -0.6MHz Offset
KF5FWE 440 MHz - Dual Mode Analog/Digital NXDN - Wires X: 442.275 :: +5MHz Offset :: PL 100.0 :: Ran Code 1 6.25KHz NFM

Latest news

  • No Christmas Dinner this year. We will have a Club Meeting on December 2.